Travel in Japanese Representational Culture: Its Past, Present and Future

Toshiba International Foundation
Josai International University

The 1st day   7月1日 土曜日
The 2nd day   7月2日 日曜日
Opening Greetings:10:00 a. m., Conference Hall
  • Session 1: 10:20 a.m.〜12:00 p.m., Conference Hall
    Circular Journeys and Displaced Points of Origin in Modern Japanese Novels
  • Sakaguchi Shu, University of Tokyo
    “Yokomitsu Riichi’s Four Dimensional Travel in Shanghai
  • Raquel Hill, Kanagawa University
    “‘Third Space’ in Oba Minako's Garakuta Hakubutsukan
  • Helen Weetman, University of Colorado, Boulder
    “‘Tours of the Womb, Tours of Hell’: Circular Journeys in Late Twentieth-century Literature”
  • Mary A. Knighton, University of Tokyo
    “A Travel Scribe Minds Her Ps and Qs: Kurahashi Yumiko’s Amanokoku Okanki and Sumiyakist Q no Boken
  • Session 2: 10:20 a.m.〜12:00 p.m., Room 301
    Fantastic Journeys in Muromachi Fiction and Drama
  • R. Keller Kimbrough, University of Colorado
    “Travel Writing from Hell? Minamoto no Yoriie and the Politics of Fuji no hitoana sôshi
  • Monika Dix, University of British Columbia
    “Ascending Hibariyama: Textual, Physical, and Spiritual Journeys in Chûjôhime and Chûjôhime no honji
  • Michael Watson, Meiji Gakuin University
    “Spirits of the Drowned: Sea Journeys in Bangai Noh from the Genpei War”
  • Tokuda Kazuo, Gakushuin Women’s College(Discussant)
  • Session 3: 10:20 a.m.〜12:00 p.m., Room 302
  • 関根英二 Purdue University
  • 松浦芳子 Purdue University
  • 芳賀浩一 University of California, Los Angeles
  • Session 4: 10:20 a.m.〜12:00 p.m., Room 401
    Gender and National Identity in Women's Travel Narratives
  • Marilyn Bolles Guggenheim, Montana State University-Bozeman
    “Singular Women: Hirabayashi and Enchi in 1958 America”
  • Julia C. Bullock, Emory University
    “We’ll Always Have Iowa: Gender and National Identity in Kurahashi Yumiko’s‘Virginia’”
  • Robin Tierney, University of Iowa
    “Travel and bodily flux in Tawada Yoko's train narratives”
  • Joan Ericson, Colorado College (Discussant)
  • Rebecca Copeland, Washington University in St. Louis (Discussant)
Major Address I : 12:50 p.m.〜13:50 p.m., Conference Hall
Komatsu Sakyo, Writer
  • Session 5: 14:10 p.m.〜15:10 p.m., Conference Hall
    Individual Papers: Travel in Contemporary Literature
  • Atsuko Sakaki, University of Toronto
    “Tales of Traveling Tongues: Paris as the Capital of the Age of Diaspora in
    Horie Toshiyuki’s Oparaban (Auparavant, 1998)”
  • Eileen Mikals-Adachi, Eckerd College
    Densha Otoko: Commuting to Dreams in Cyber Space”
  • Session 6: 14:10 p.m.〜15:10 p.m., Room 301
    Individual Papers: Cinema and Anime
  • Timothy Iles, University of Victoria
    “Are We There Yet? Traveling Toward the Self in Contemporary Japanese Cinema”
  • Vivian P.Y. Lee, University of Victoria
    “Pilgrims at the End of Time:Religion Symbolisms, and the Quest for Redemption in Anime
  • Session 7: 14:10 p.m.〜15:10 p.m., Room 302
    Individual Papers: Japan and the West in Meiji Period
  • 河野至恩 Sophia University
  • Harue Tsutsumi, Indiana University
    “Kabuki Encounters the West: Iwakura Embassy and Hyōryūkidan Seiyōkabuki
  • Session 8: 14:10 p.m.〜15:10 p.m., Room 401
    Individual Papers: Urban Representations
  • Erez Golani Solomon, University of Tokyo
    “Tokyo, the Pathway and Me--Stories of Everyday Itineraries and Practices in the Contemporary Japanese City”
  • 佐藤耕治 Josai International University
Keynote Address: 15:30 p.m.〜17:00 p.m., Conference Hall
Yoshiaki Shimizu , Princeton University
"A Journey's tale and a Tale's journey:
Studying Japanese narrative handscrolls abroad" (in English)
Dinner Reception:17:20 p.m.〜19:00 p.m., Conference Hall
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  • Session 9: 10:00 a.m.〜11:50 a.m., Conference Hall
    Postwar Reformation of “Japan” and Japanese Historical Memory: Physical, Conceptual, and Temporal Travel in post-1945 Japan
  • Michael Bourdaghs, University of California, Los Angeles
    “The Performance of Travel: Misora Hibari and Kasagi Shizuko's American Tours”
  • Richi Sakakibara, Waseda University
    “The Narrative of Return, the Narrative of Stay: Geopolitical Reformation of Post-Imperial Japan”
  • Atsuko Ueda, Princeton University
    “Debates over Politics and Literature: the Trope of Defection and Wartime Responsibility” 
  • Richard H. Okada, Princeton University
    “Remapping Travel and Post-War Japan in Café Lumière
  • Session 10: 10:00 a.m.〜11:50 a.m., Room 301
    Travelers and Transients: Critical Explorations of Amerika in Modern Japanese literature
  • Kyoko Omori, Hamilton College
    “Frantically Walking About the Modern Space With(in) a Magazine: Youth Migrancy and Travel in Early Twentieth-Century Popular Fiction”
  • Bruce Suttmeier, Lewis and Clark College
    “Ethnography as Consumption in Oda Makoto’s Nandemo mite yarō (I’ll Give Anything A Look)”
  • Jeffrey Angles, Western Michigan University
    “Legend of a (Un)Holy City: Takahashi Mutsuo’s Critique of Queer America”
  • Suga Keijiro, Meiji University (Discussant)
  • Suzuki Sadami, International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Discussant)
  • Session 11: 10:00 a.m.〜11:50 a.m., Room 302
    Engendering Landscape: Women, Narrative, and Medieval Travel
  • Naito Mariko, University of Tokyo
    “Poetic Imagination and Place Names: Women Travelers and the Creation of the Utamakura Shiga”
  • Christina Laffin, University of British Columbia
    “The Road Well Traveled: Poetic Expectation in Diary of the Sixteenth Night
  • Kimura Saeko, Tsuda College
    “Traveling through the Narratives: Imagination of Women's Salvation”
  • Session 12: 10:00 a.m.〜11:50 a.m., Room 401
    Individual Papers: Modern Women Writers
  • Karen Thornber, Harvard University
    “Itinerant Clouds, Sooty Trains, and Peripatetic Memories: Travel in Hayashi Fumiko’s Ukigumo
  • Nadezhda Murray, Ritsumeikan University
    “Travel as Metaphor: Hirabayashi Taiko's Symbolic Reality”
  • 宮崎紗英子Josai International University
Major Address II : 13:00 p.m.〜14:00 p.m., Conference Hall
Herbert Plutschow, Josai International University
"Some characteristics of pre-modern Japanese travel literature" (in English)
  • Session 13: 14:20 p.m.〜15:40 p.m., Conference Hall
    Individual Papers: Travel in Edo Period
  • Sumie Jones, Indiana University
    “Traveling/Travel-lying and the Invention of Science Fiction in Japan”
  • Charles Shirō Inouye, Tufts University
    “Traveling the Tōkaidō: Jippensha Ikku’s Hizakurige and the Development of Perspectival/Pornographic Vision”
  • Dalia Svambaryte, Vilnius University (Republic of Lithuania)
  • Session 14: 14:20 p.m.〜15:40 p.m., Room 301
    Individual Papers: Ancient and Medieval Literature
  • Paul Schalow, Rutgers University
    “Exile from Heian”
  • Carolina Negri, University of Lecce(Republic of Italy)
    “Travel in Memoirs by Heian Women's Writers: The Sarashina nikki
  • Sook Young Wang(王淑英), Inha University (Republic of Korea )
  • Session 15: 14:20 p.m.〜15:40 p.m., Room 302
    Girls on the Road
  • ドラージ土屋浩美 Vassar College
  • 青山友子 The University of Queensland (Australia)
  • 江黒清美 Josai International University
  • 高原英理 文芸評論家(Discussant)
  • Session 16: 15:50 p.m.〜17:10 p.m, Conference Hall
    Individual Papers: Travel from Comparative Perspectives
  • Michael F. Marra, University of California, Los Angeles
    “Place of Poetry, Place in Poetry: On Rulers, Poets, and Gods”
  • Lewis Dibble, Indiana University Purdue University Columbus
    “On Not Crossing Over to the Past: Bashō and Benjamin at the Barriers”
  • 中川成美 Ritsumeikan University
  • Session 17: 15:50 p.m.〜17:10 p.m., Room 301
    Individual Papers: Travel Writings in Contemporary Japan
  • Jennifer Scott, Shujitsu University
    “Furui Yoshikichi-Travel and Liminality”
  • Mark Meli, Kansai University
    “‘Reconciliation’ in Contemporary Japanese Travel Writing on Asia”
  • Session 18: 15:50 p.m.〜17:10 p.m., Room 302
    Beggars, Tourists, and Conquering Heroes: The Folklore of Strange Visitations
  • Takashi Lep Ariga, Gakkan International
    “Forcing a Feast: Cruel Hospitality and the Energy of Renewal”
  • Michael Dylan Foster, University of California, Riverside
    “Observing Ritual: Namahage, Toshidon, and the Tourist Gaze”
  • Robert Tierney, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
    “Momotarō's Adventures in the South Seas: Folklore, Propaganda and Parody”
Ending Remarks: 17:10 p.m., Conference Hall
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