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Tokyo Kioi-cho Campus

In 2005, we opened the Tokyo Kioi-cho Campus on the site where the Legal Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court used to be. You can see its traces in the elegant-looking brick walls. The Campus houses the Corporate Headquarters, which serves as a center connecting the Sakado Campus (Josai University, Josai Base College), the Togane Campus (Josai International University) and the Awa Campus. At the entrance stands a monument that shows the following haiku poem of our founder Mikio Mizuta: "Kantsubaki me-ni shimu – ashita yosan naru", describing a scene on an early winter morning where he sees a camellia flower after he finished a budget plan. This monument was erected to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Haiku poem monument"Kantsubaki me-ni shimu – ashita yosan naru"
Haiku poem monument
"Kantsubaki me-ni shimu – ashita yosan naru"
Large Classroom
Large Classroom

Undergraduate and postgraduate students of our three universities are studying at this campus, and the latest remote lecture (satellite) system allows them to attend the same classes as those taking place at the four campuses at any time. We also established a Center for Career Development and Placement, an International Center for the Promotion of Art and Science, a Women's Center and other facilities to support our students in a wide scope of fields ranging from research, international exchange to job hunting support. There is also a room for the more than 70,000 alumni members to serve as a place for meetings and exchange.

The Lifelong Education Center offers unique lectures, with enthusiastic participation not only by residents of the vicinity, but also by people from all over the Tokyo region. Thanks to convenient transportation, various symposia and lecture meetings are held in the underground hall. The center also enjoys great popularity and is frequently used as a place to spread information. The underground floor offers a café and, the second floor, a nursery providing babysitting services to be used by the attendants of the symposia or lectures at the Lifelong Education Center.

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