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Details of the Mid-term Target Goals 《7J-Vision》(2016-2020)

Seven goals toward becoming a leading university in the world《7J-Vision》

The Josai University Educational Corporation was established in 1965 by the late Mikio Mizuta, Minister of Finance under successive Japanese governments, and a well-known statesman instrumental in the nation’s post-war economic recovery. As an educator, he established this university on the foundation of “Character Building through Learning.” In that guiding spirit, we at Josai University, Josai Base College, and Josai International University have dedicated ourselves to providing an education that would contribute to human welfare in preparing the human resources society will need to develop as it should. We are proud to number more than 100,000 alumni now actively in both the Japanese and global workforce, putting the knowledge and skills they have acquired with us to valuable use.
  The 21st century has witnessed an unforeseen transformation in the revolutionary advancement of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). These technologies have shrunk time and space, and created a world increasingly dependent on mutual exchanges on a global scale, transcending national and cultural divides and greatly impacting our individual day-to-day lives and pursuits. In a world where people with different thoughts and cultures interact in so many different ways, we are challenged to nurture and profit from our diversity. Gender differences, in particular, pose one such challenge. At Josai, we take pride in our academic programs in gender and women’s studies, but we need even more efforts to promote the active participation of women in all fields of human life.
  Japan was the first country, in a world now confronting the problems of shrinking and ageing populations, to experience a rapid decrease in its workforce. This in turn has posed a major problem in maintaining local communities as the viable foundations for the lives and livelihoods of the people who live in them. To insure safe and stable living conditions into the future, we will need to educate and prepare a generation of young people able to cope with the enormous social changes ahead, to help solve the problems those changes pose with revolutionary ideas and insightful understanding of the relations between Japan and the world.
  To this end, in 2011, the Josai University Educational Corporation formulated its Medium-Term J-Vision Goals (2011-2015), in preparation for the 20th anniversary of Josai International University in 2012, and for the 50th anniversary of Josai University, in 2015. In pursuit of these goals, we have created new educational programs on all our campuses, where we have welcomed an increasing number of students, faculty and staff with multilingual and multi-cultural backgrounds. These programs include a curriculum in Japanese Studies from an international perspective, a Media program focused on e-learning, and a Graduate School program of professional training in a wide range of careers. We have had considerable success as well in creating a new medical community and welfare system, crossing disciplinary in such areas such as the pharmaceutical sciences, nursing, and social welfare studies. We look forward to further results in these areas.
  Building on the heritage of the past 50 years, we have prepared for the next 50 with a new set of guidelines, the “Seven J-Vision Medium-Term Goals For Becoming a Leading University in the World” (2016-2020). Achieving these goals, we believe, will carry us forward into a robust and rewarding future.

Vision 1

Expanding the capabilities of our students to serve society

Our aim here is the further development of teaching and research. Establishment of the Mizuta Mikio Memorial Museum, and its programs to study and disseminate our cultural resources. Enhancement of the Liberal Arts education programs characteristic of our university. Promotion of social and practical skills. Expansion of our career-centered interdisciplinary programs. Post-graduate training in collaboration with our domestic and foreign partners in business and industry. Enrichment of our cultural and sports-related extra-curricular activities.

Vision 2

Developing human resources with an international mindset and extensive knowledge of
Japanese culture

Our aim here is to endow our students with a profound understanding of their own country and of other cultures from a global perspective: From Japan to the World, and From the World to Japan. Expansion and enrichment of our Global College educational programs. Development and expansion of our multi-lingual and multi-cultural global career path education programs. Strengthening of our international exchange programs, particularly those focused on study abroad, and reception of foreign students. Special programs to nurture women in global leadership roles.

Vision 3

Continually improving the quality of our educational programs,
in collaboration with local and international communities

Our aim here is to support our students’ career development by preparing them for a wide range of professional qualifications. Refinement of the use of mixed media in e-learning. Development of further extension programs and collaborative educational programs with local and national government, with businesses and industries, with local communities, and with other universities including our sister-universities abroad. Expansion of the Crown Lectures series made possible with the support of the business community.

Vision 4

Improving our research capabilities and promoting innovation

Our aim here is to strengthen and promoting innovative research in the Humanities, the Natural and Social Sciences, and Information Technology. Promotion of interdisciplinary curricula. Integration of practical sciences and advanced humanities. Furthering opportunities for our students to participate in research projects. Development of research fields characteristic of our university, drawing on our international networks. Diversification of research funding sources and collaborative research projects with businesses industries.

Vision 5

Enriching the campus environment through internationalization and networking

Our aim here is to enhance our campus environments as venues where students can come together, exchange ideas, and present the results of their studies. Globalization of the Kioicho campus. Expansion of our Continuing Education programs, and Green Campus programs open to local communities. Upgrading our physical plant and our information and communication networks.

Vision 6

Establishing a stronger university governance system to support
the dynamic development of teaching, research and contributions to the community

Our aim here is to establish a sound and stable financial foundation for the university’s operations, that will permit us to re-empower our graduate school programs and research institutes. Upgrading our internal communication networks. Reviewing management practices to improve our financial operations and governance. Strategic allocations of faculty and staff. Strengthening our personnel and management resources, to insure that we remain dynamic in development and effective at what we do.

Vision 7

Strengthening the impact of our communication capabilities and social presence

Our aim here is to build upon the history of the university’s warm relations with the local community, so as to be a source of information and make the results of our educational programs and research better known. Creating a system of multi-media channels to better serve the community. Sports and wellness programs, in cooperation with local community organizations. Global community projects to enhance our value and visibility.

The Josai University Educational Corporation is committed to the nurture and training of students to play essential roles in the future of Japan and of the world at large. In this we are guided by our founder’s spirit and philosophy, aware that education is a calling that demands careful thought, planning and execution, if it is to meet the needs of every individual student entrusted to us.


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