Japan Asia Image 日本・アジア映像研究センター

International Center for the Promotion of Art and Science (JICPAS)

Josai Institute for Central European Studies

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) in May 2009, Josai International University sponsored an “International Workshop on Japanese and Asian Film and Image”. Researchers focusing on global film and media from around the world met and presented their research in a lively, daylong conference. Japan has a rich, unique media culture and Japan Asia Image was founded at this time to provide internationally-minded film and media researchers a framework for activities and exchanges centered on Japanese and Asian film.

This center seeks to actively promote and expand exchange between international film and media researchers, organize symposia, as well as conduct research on Japanese and Asian film, visual, and theatrical culture. The center also sponsors a cinematheque, organizes regular academic conferences by domestic or international Japanese film researchers, and carries out research projects focused on Japan for researchers specializing in Japanese and Asian visual culture.

Japan Asia Image organizes public lectures to circulate widely those materials in its archive. It also participates in joint research efforts with government-backed agencies and the filmmaking industry. Through mutual exchanges with domestic and foreign film centers as well as the production and exhibition of films or theatrical plays by way of industry-university cooperation, the center thrives to shape talented individuals who can contribute to the development of Japanese and Asian film and media culture.

While looking at the future of Japan and Asia, which is in constant transformation, we want to support innovative research and educational activities that can contribute to the development of this area’s film and media culture.

Recent Activities

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Honorary Head: Masahiro Shinoda(Film director and visiting professor at Josai International University)
Head: Fukuyuki En (Dean, Faculty of Media Studies, Josai International University)
Akira Mizuta Lippit (Chair, Division of Critical Studies School of Cinematic Arts,
University of Southern California; Visiting Professor, Josai International University)
Research Directors: Aaron Gerow (Yale University)
Mark Nornes (Michigan University)
Hide Murakawa (JIU)
Jiro Plutschow (JIU)
Kayo Takefuji (JIU)
Romain Duchesnes (JIU) 
Main Activities: - Organize International symposia and carry out research in the fields of Japanese and Asian film, media, and visual culture.
- Organize international conferences in order to promote exchange between Japanese and international researches.
- Organize public lectures by leading figures in film and media.
- Establish joint research projects with the film industry and external media agencies.
- Produce and exhibit films and plays through university-industry cooperation.
- Coordinate exchanges between Japanese film institutions in Japan and similar institutions abroad.

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