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Review of Japanese Culture and Society

JICPAS issues an English-language magazine "Review of Japanese Culture and Society" offering an international analysis of Japanese people and culture. This magazine is published with a view to enhance international recognition of Japanese culture and its society as well as to stimulate mutual understanding and study the methods of cultural theory.

Review of Japanese Culture and Society Vol.V December 1993 (Nature and Selfhood in Japanese Literature)

Kitada Sachie i
Jared Libarsky iii
Language and Nature
Nakanishi Susumu 1
Self and Landscape in Kagero Nishiki
Joshua S. Mostow 8
Connecting Rhythms: Nature and Selfhood in Shiga Naoya's Reconciliation and A Dark's Night's Passing
Ted Goossen 20
Nature and Self in Modern Japanese Poetry: Hagiwara Sakutaro, Ito Shizuo, and Miyoshi Yatsuji
Kishida-Ellis Toshiko 34
Marginal Arcadias: Oe Kenzaburo's Pastoral and AntiPastoral
Susan J. Napier 46
Symbiosis and Renewal: Transformations of the Forest World of Oba Minako
Mizuta Noriko 59
The Shore of Low Tide
Nakayama Shiro 67
Tomioka Taeko 84

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