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Review of Japanese Culture and Society

JICPAS issues an English-language magazine "Review of Japanese Culture and Society" offering an international analysis of Japanese people and culture. This magazine is published with a view to enhance international recognition of Japanese culture and its society as well as to stimulate mutual understanding and study the methods of cultural theory.

Review of Japanese Culture and Society Vol.XI-XII December 1999-2000 (Violence in Modern world)

Tani Toru i
Part One
The Violence Deeply Rooted in Society
Imamura Hitoshi 1
The Textualization of Violence in a Global World: Gendered Citizenship and Discourses of Protection
Minoo Moallem 9
Walter Benjamin, Remembrance, and the First World War
Martin Jay 18
Part Two
The Logic of Apologizing for War Crimes "as a Japanese"
Bessho Yoshimi 31
Nazi Holocaust and Atomic Holocaust: Transforming Spiritual Crisis into an Ideology of Humanity
Fujinaga Shigeru 43
Issues surrounding the Wartime "Comfort Women"
Hayashi Yoko 54
The Base and the Military: Structural Violence against Women
Takazato Suzuyo 66
Violence and Communication in the History and Context of Minamata Disease
Maruyama Tokuji 79
Dear Friend
Hayashi Kyoko 100

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