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JICPAS issues an English-language magazine "Review of Japanese Culture and Society" offering an international analysis of Japanese people and culture. This magazine is published with a view to enhance international recognition of Japanese culture and its society as well as to stimulate mutual understanding and study the methods of cultural theory.

Review of Japanese Culture and Society Vol.XV December 2003 (Japanese Art:The Scholasip and Legacy of Chino Kaori)

Melissa McCormick
On the Scholarship of Chino Kaori Unseen
Melissa McCormick
The Emergence and Development of Famous Place Painting as a Genre
Chino Kaori
Embodying Hope: Colonial Memory and Contemporary Art in Korean Museums
Chino Kaori
Chino Kaori Bibliography
Ichii no Tsubone and the Asukai Connection :Edo Period Attributions of a Muromachi Tale
Maiko Behr
Cultural Cliches in Contemporary Art: TheReception of Mori Mariko's Work
Gunhild Borggreen
Sexualizing Cultural Memory-The MangaHermeneutics of The Tale of Genji
Doris Croissant
"Fans Floating in Waves" as a RepresentativeDesign Motif of Japanese Visual Culture
Patricia J.Graham
How to Read "Gender in Japanese Art"Today : The Present Condition of Gender Studies inJapan
Shinobu Ikeda
Representations of Aristocratic Womenin Picture Scrolls of the Muromachi Period : KanoMotonobu's Drunken Ogre Scroll
Wakana Kamei
The Yamato-e Landscape : Then and Now
Fusae Kanda
Modernity and Tradition in Colonial-EraKorea : The Discourse on the "New Woman" and theCourtesan
Hyeshin Kim
The Institutional Matrix and Social Milieuof Japanese Women Oil Painters
Reiko Kokatsu
Gender and Genre : Themes in Seventeenth-Century Paintings at the Imperial Palace
Elizabeth Lillehoj
Female Authorship and the DialogicImagination in A Tale of Brief Slumbers
Melissa McCormick
The Gendering of Scenic Representations: Depictions of Yamato and Kara in Shrine Mandala Paintings
Ryoko Mizuno
Gender and Cultural Capital : The Hakubyoand Kubo-Family Tales of Ise Illustrated Scroll
Joshua S. Mostow
Okakura's Way of Tea : The Gender ofCultural Representation in The Book of Tea
Noriko Murai
Reconsidering the Illustration of theSignificance of the Sanskrit Letter "A" and Its Patronage: On the Interpretation of the Image of a Tonsured Woman
Yuki Narihara
Chino Kaori's Last Contribution to theImperial Buddhist Convent research and Restoration Project: Miyazaki Yuzensai's Chinese Children at Play at DaishojiImperial Convent
Barbara Ruch
Akai Akai Asahi Asahi-Red, Red Is theRising Sun : Wartime Memory in Akasegawa Genpei's TheSakura Illustrated
Reiko Tomii
"Asazuma Boat" : Political Satire FiguredFemale?
Miriam Wattles
The Emergence of Women in JapaneseAvant-Garde Art, 1955-1965
Midori Yoshimoto
Yoko Ogawa / Alisa Freedman (Translation)

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