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Review of Japanese Culture and Society

JICPAS issues an English-language magazine "Review of Japanese Culture and Society" offering an international analysis of Japanese people and culture. This magazine is published with a view to enhance international recognition of Japanese culture and its society as well as to stimulate mutual understanding and study the methods of cultural theory.

Review of Japanese Culture and Society Vol.IX December 1997 (Gender,Colonialism,Technology and 'Development')

Lisa Bloom i
PartⅠ: International Symposium on 'Gender, technology, and "Development"
Josai International University, Japan, 3, October, 1997.
Analyzing Women in the Politics of the Third World
Georgina Waylen 1
Women and Healthcare: A Critique of USAID Policies in India
Suresht R. Bald 15
Swabalaman Bikas or Self-Reliant Development: Nepalese Women Activists in Development Today
Wachi Yasuko 21
Gender, Popular Science and National Geographic in the Age of Multiculturalism
Lisa Bloom 36
Gender and Development: An Observer's Reflections on the JIU Symposium
Ibrahim M. Samater 46
Part Ⅱ: Japanese Feminism's Relationship to National, Racial, and Colonial Concerns
Beyond Our Invisibility? Diverse Feminisms and the Quest of Japanese Women for Self-defined Identity
Hotta Midori 66
‘Reproductive Rights/ Health' and Japanese Feminism
Ueno Chizuko 79
Happy Birthday
Tomioka Taeko 93

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