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JICPAS issues an English-language magazine "Review of Japanese Culture and Society" offering an international analysis of Japanese people and culture. This magazine is published with a view to enhance international recognition of Japanese culture and its society as well as to stimulate mutual understanding and study the methods of cultural theory.

Review of Japanese Culture and Society Vol.XXIV December 2012 (Beyond Tenshin: Okakura Kakuzō’s Multiple Legacies)

Noriko Murai
Yukio Lippit
Okakura Kakuzō: A Reintroduction
Noriko Murai
Yukio Lippit
Okakura Tenshin:
Civilization Critique from the Standpoint of Asia (1962)
(translated by Christopher L. Hill)
Takeuchi Yoshimi
Okakura Kakuzō as a Historian of Art
Kinoshita Nagahiro
Okakura Kakuzō and India:
The Trajectory of Modern National Consciousness and
Pan-Asian Ideology Across Borders
(translated by Kevin Singleton)
Inaga Shigemi
Okakura Kakuzō and Margaret Noble
(Sister Nivedita): A Brief Episode
John Rosenfield
Okakura's Way of Tea:
Representing Chanoyu in Early Twentieth-Century America
Noriko Murai
Other Tea Cults
Allen Hockley
What's in a Name?
Rethinking Critical Terms Used to Discuss Mōrōtai
Victoria Weston
New Art and the Display of Antiquities in Mid-Meiji Tokyo
Chelsea Foxwell
In Defense of Kenchiku: Itō Chūta's Theorization
of Architecture as a Fine Art in the Meiji Period
Alice Y. Tseng
Reading“Calligraphy Is Not Art” (1882)
(translated by Timothy Unverzagt Goddard)
Okakura Kakuzō
Kokka (1889)
(translated by Timothy Unverzagt Goddard)
Okakura Kakuzō
Concerning the Institutions of Art Education (1897)
(translated by Kevin Singleton)
Okakura Kakuzō
Select Annotated Bibliography of Okakura Kakuzō
Nozomi Naoi with Noriko Murai
Ukiyo-e Landscapes and Edo Scenic Places (1914)
(translated by Kyoko Selden and Alisa Freedman)
Nagai kafū
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