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No.18 (March 2000)

  • The State, Education, and Two Generations of Women in Meiji Japan, 1868-1912
    E. Patricia Tsurumi
  • Through the Eyes of a Twentieth-Century Court Lady? Gender, Class, and the Challenge to the Field of Classical Japanese Literature
    Lynne K. Miyake
  • Fantasies of Maternal Ambivalence in Takahashi Takako's "Congruent Figures" Andra Alvis
  • Widow's Rites in Japan: And Interpretive Study of Women's Participation in Memorial Rituals and the Transformation of Family Practices
    Deborah McDowell Aoki
  • A Dinner Party Is Not a Revolution: Space, Gender, and Hierarchy in Meiji Japan
    Sally A. Hastings

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