This banner is designed from“Tayu and Kamuro(A Courtesan and an Attendant)”by Kitagawa Utamaro, Mizuta Museum of Art, Josai University Corporation

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No.7 (December 1994)

  • The Logic of Abortion: Japanese Debates on the Legitimacy of Abortion as Seen in Post-World War II Newspapers
    Tama Yasuko
  • The "Good Wife and Wise Mother" Ideology in Post-World War I Japan
    Koyama Shizuko
  • Images of the Family in Meiji Periodicals: The Paradox Underlying the Emergence of the "Home"
    Muta Kazue
  • Contemporary Japanese Feminist Literary Criticism
    Kitada Sachie
  • The Changing Nature of Sexuality: The Three Codes Framing Homosexuality in Modern Japan
    Furukawa Makoto

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