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No.26 (June 2004)

  • Barely There: Language and Narrative Strategy in Takahashi Takako's "Kirameki"
    Julia C. Bullock
  • Technologies of Gazing in "Woman in the Dunes"
    Nina Cornyetz
    「砂の女」における眼差しの技術与謝蕪村の女流俳諧 ―「拒拍W」考
  • Nora and the "New Woman": Visions of Gender and Modernity in Early Twentieth-Century Japan
    Dina Lowy
  • Rescue Work for Japanese Women: The Birth and Development of the Jiaikan Rescue Home and the Missionaries of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Japan, 1886-1921
    Manako Ogawa

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