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No.46(Sep 2014)

“Female Students Ruining the Nation”:
The Debate over Coeducation in Postwar Japan
— 女子学生亡国論:戦後日本の男女共学に関する論争
Julia C. Bullock

On the Enunciative Boundary of Decolonizing Language:
The Imagined Camaraderie of Poets Itō Hiromi and
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
— 言葉の非植民地化とその境界:
Lee Friederich

Reading the Bodies and Voices of Naichi Women in
Japanese-Ruled Taiwan
— 日本統治下の臺灣で内地女性の体と声を読む事
Anne Sokolsky

The Unprecedented Views of Wada Yoshiko:
Reconfiguring Pleasure Work in Yūjo monogatari (1913)
— 和田芳子のの視点:『遊女物語』の売春
Ann Marie L. Davis

The Recollections of Tetsu:
A Translation of Her Testimonial Narrative with Commentary
— 某てつ聞書:証言記録の英訳と解説
Tanya Maus

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