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No.23 (December 2002)

  • Introduction
  • Women for a New Japan: Sex, Love, and Politics in the Early Postwar
    Jan Bardsley
  • Women of the Setting Sun and Men from the Moon: Yoshiya Nobuko's Ataka Family as Postwar Romance
    Sarah Frederick
  • Prostitutes against the Prostitution Prevention Act of 1956
    G.G. Rowley
  • Fashioning the People's Princess: Women's Magazines, Shoda Michiko, and the Royal Wedding of 1959
    Jan Bardsley
  • Maiden Martyr for "New Japan": The 1960 Ampo and the Rhetoric of the Other Michiko
    Hiroko Hirakawa
  • Concluding Remarks A Terrible Soap Opera―No Romance, No Sex, Only Power
    Sally Hastings

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