This banner is designed from“Tayu and Kamuro(A Courtesan and an Attendant)”by Kitagawa Utamaro, Mizuta Museum of Art, Josai University Corporation

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No.22 (September 2002)

  • "Ladies' Comics": Japan's Not-So-Underground Market in Pornography for Women
    Gretchen Jones
  • Masculinist Identifications with "Woman": Gender Politics in Postwar Japanese Literary Debates
    Seiko Yoshinaga
  • Performing Gender along the Lesbian Continuum: The Politics of Sexual Identity in the Seito Society
    Peichen Wu
  • From "Good Wife, Wise Mother" to the Otaka Award: Japanese Women Composers 1868 to the Present
    Teruka Nishikawa, Wesley Berg, and Janice Brown
  • The Construction of Gender through Public Opinion Polls in Japan: The "Problem" of Women's Employment
    Diana Khor

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