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No.24 (September 2003)

  • Introduction: Pregnancy and Childbirth in the Context of Modernity
    Susan L. Burns
  • The "Birthing Body" and the Regulation of Conception and Childbirth in the Edo Period
    Mikako Sawayama
  • The Criminalization of Abortion in Meiji Japan
    Hidemi Kanazu
  • The State, Midwives, and Reproductive Surveillance in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Japan
    Yuki Terazawa
  • The Modern Midwives (Sanba) and the Transformation of Childbirth at the Local Level in Japan
    Mugiko Nishikawa
  • Research Notes: On Burial Customs, Maternal Spirits, and the Fetus in Japan
    Manami Yasui

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