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No.39(Dec 2010)

— まえがき
Cheryl Crowley

Neo-Confucianism Reconsidered: Family Rituals in the Rai Household
— 朱子学の再検討:頼家における家礼
Bettina Gramlich-Oka

The Perils of the “Unpolished Jewel”: Defining Women’s Roles
in Household Management in Early Modern Japan
— 近世女性の「家を治める」役割について
Marcia Yonemoto

Haikai Poet Shokyū-ni (1714–81) and the Economics of Literary “Families”
— 俳人諸九尼(1714-81)と「文学の家」の経済
Cheryl Crowley

Commentary: Women and the Household in Early Modern Japan
— 解説:近世日本における『家』と女性
Susan L. Burns

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