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No.41(Dec 2011)

“The Private League of Nations”:
The Pan-Pacific Women’s Conference and
Japanese Feminists in 1928
— 『私設国際連盟』: ―1928年汎太平洋婦人会議
Taeko Shibahara

Home Education in Rural Japan:
Continuity and Change from Late Edo to the Early Postwar
— 農村の女性の家族教育:江戸後期から
Christina Ghanbarpour

From Compensating Comfort Women to Compensated Dating
from Lewis Carroll to Kanai Mieko
— 従軍慰安婦の支援から援助交際へ
Sharon Kinsella

A Room of Their Own:
Time, Space, and the Self-Perceptions of Married Couples in Japan
— 日本の30代の夫婦の共有する時間、空間、
Dalit Bloch

Young Women / “Bad Girls” in Kirino Natsuo’s Real World
— 桐野夏生の「リアルワールド」における若い女性/“不良少女”
Barbara E. Thornbury

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